Shantha de Silva

*5 year Special Engineering Apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering (Power) at Colombo Commercial Company under The National Apprenticeship Board
*Higher National Certificate of Technology in Electrical Engineering (Power) at Open University Nawala
*National Certificate of Technology in Electrical Engineering (Power) at University of Moratuwa

*Electrical Engineering Special Apprentice at Colombo Commercial Company - Colombo 02 -
*Electrical Engineering Supervisor at Colombo Commercial Company - Colombo 02 - (2Years)
*Electrical & Electronic Engineer at Ceylon Grain Elevators Ltd. - Mutwal - (2Years)
*Electrical Engineer at Brown & Company - Badulla Branch (2Years)
*Electrical Engineer at Maxaire (Pvt) Ltd - Colombo - (5Years)
*Senior Electrical Engineer - Design at Synchro Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd - (10Years)
Senior Electrical Engineer - Design at Synchro Homes (Pvt) Ltd - (3Years)
Senior Electrical Engineer - Design at Design Team Online (Current)
*Senior Electrical Engineer - Design at Synchro Engineering Online (Current)

Specialized in the field of Electrical Engineering (Power) related to construction industry of Residential, Commercial, High-Rise and Industrial Buildings, inclusive of project management sales & marketing.

Designing, Planning, Preparation of Electrical Layout Drawings, Line Diagrams, Priced Bill of Quantities, Shop and As Built Drawings, Planning and Implementation of Electrical work sites. Preparation of Work Schedules, Progress Charts, Organizing Material, Tools, Machinery, Measuring Instruments and other necessary Equipment.
Labour handling & controlling, completing site work on scheduled time periods with set targets & profits, stock controls, project planning, supervision, communication skills in English Language, Project Sales & Business Management skills.

Installation of Electrical Power & Control Panels, Motors, Generators, Power & Lighting Circuit Wiring, Power Distribution Systems, Indoor & Outdoor Lighting, Overhead & Underground cabling, Fire Alarm, Fire Pumps and Hydrants, Public Address, Closed Circuit Television, Burglar Alarm, Video Door Phone, Piped Music, Home Theater, Central Antenna Systems, Telephone & PABX, Bus Bar Trunking and Lightning Prevention Systems etc.

5 Year Special Engineering Apprenticeship (Electrical) at Colombo Commercial Company under the National Apprentceship Board.

6 Months Basic training in Workshop Technology - Learning and handling tools,
Operations, Measuring, Marking, Cutting, Filing and general Mechanical Engineering work etc.

1 Year Training in Mechanical Workshop – Lathe machine shop, Shaping machine shop, Drilling machine shop, Foundry shop, Carpentry shop, Welding workshop, Blacksmith’s shop, Material and tool stores etc.

1-1/2 Years in Electrical Workshop – Rewinding of high capacity motors, Generators, Designing, Fabricating, Assembling and Testing of Power, Control and Power Factor correction, Capacitor Bank Panels and Automatic Mains failure Panels etc.

2Years in Electrical Office and Major Construction Sites – Estimating, Preparation of Billed Quantities, Drawings, Organizing of Material and Labour, Site Supervision, Project Planning, Commissioning and handing over of Electrical Installations.

27Years of work experience in Engineering Companies – Designing, Supplying, Installing and Commissioning of Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Alarm Systems, PLC (Programmable Logic Control) Systems, Fire Hydrant Systems, Main Power Distribution Systems, Motor Control Systems, Installing and Commissioning of Generators, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Systems, Security Alarm Systems, Sound and Public Address Systems, Central Antenna Systems, Computer Installation and Network Systems, Office Automation Systems and Electrics for Air-conditioning Systems etc.

1)Designing, Fabricating, Installing & Commissioning of Main Switch Board ( 3200 Amps)
2)Installing & Commissioning of 2 Nos. 1052 KVA Generators.
3)Installing & Commissioning of 3 Nos. HT/LT Transformers ( 800 KVA )

1)Preparation of Drawings of Main Switch Board & Bus Bar Distribution System for all Floors.
2)Installing & Commissioning of 300 Amps Copper Bus Bar River Mains, Fire Hydrant Pumps( 55 kW ) with control Panels, Main Switch Board ( 1600 Amps), Self start Stand by Generator ( 110 KVA ) with Automatic Mains Failure Panel.
3)Organizing Material, Site Supervision and Attending Site Meetings with Architects.
4)Installing & Commissioning of Motors and Lighting System.
5)Preparation of Drawings, Organizing Material, Tools, Site Supervision & Attending Site Meetings.

1)Installing and commissioning of the Lighting system in G.I. Steel trunking.
2)Preparation of Drawings, Organizing material, tools, site supervision and attending site meetings.

1)Installing and commissioning of fully automatic Main Switch Boards with Motorized Circuit Breakers.
2)Installing and commissioning of 2 Nos. 680 KVA Generators together with Automatic mains failure control panels.
3)Installing and commissioning of 4 Nos. 800 KVA HT/LT Transformers.
4)Installing and commissioning of Piped Music and Public Address Sound System and control panels
5)Installing and commissioning of Fire Alarm System with Control Panels.
6)Installing and commissioning of 2 Nos. Wet Riser Fire Pumps (125HP each).
7)Installing and commissioning of 2 Nos. Sprinkler Pumps (100HP each).
8)Installing and commissioning of Central Air conditioning Main Switch Boards and Control Panels, and Air handling units.
9)Installing and commissioning of Water Supply and Sewerage Pumps Control Panels with automatic Electronic Level Control system.

CEYLON GRAIN ELEVATORS LTD. - As an Electrical & Electronics Engineer
1)Installing, Commissioning & Maintaining of Fully automatic computerized Electrical & Electronic Control Relays, Programmable Timers, Speed Monitors, Level Controls, Limit Switches, Digital & PLC Controls etc.
2)Installing & Commissioning of Electronic Weighers & Automatic Bagging Machines
3)Installing and commissioning of Chain Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Belt Conveyors, Blowers, Compressors, and Electric Motors up to 200KW.
4)Maintenance of 1000KVA HT/LT Transformers
5)Steam Boiler with Electronic controls.
6)Installing & Commissioning of premises Security Lighting, Lightning Conductor System
7)Periodic Maintenance of machinery, switch gear, passenger & goods lifts, PABX Communication System with five trunk lines and hundred Extensions.
8)Installing and commissioning of (2X1000KVA LT/HT Power Distribution Panels
9)Computer Literacy in Word, Excel, AutoCAD, Page Maker, Power Point, Free Hand etc.

BROWN & COMPANY LTD - BADULLA BRANCH -1986 - 1987 - As an Electrical Engineer
1)Estimating for Tenders, Preparing of B.O.Q.’s and was overall in charge of the Electrical Department.
2)Electrical Installation and Maintenance of Tea Factory Machinery, Main Switch Boards, Electric Motors, Generators, Factory, Office and Bungalow Electrical Installations inclusive of Overhead Wiring at 69 Tea Estates in the Badulla District.

1)Installation of Power Panels and Motor Wiring at Thriposha Factory – Ja Ela
2)Electrical installation of (600KVA) main Switch Boards, Motor Control
3)Electrical Installation of (400 KVA) Main Switch Boards, Motor Control Panels and wiring of Motors at Lanka Coco Products (Pvt) Ltd. – Madampe
4)Electrical Installation of 3 Storied Bungalows at Colombo 03.
5)Electrical Installation of 2 Storied Bungalow at Pepiliyana.
6)Electrical Installation of (400 KVA) Main Switch Board, Distribution Boards, Water Pump Control Panels, etc. at Hotel Athgiri – Kurunegala.
7)Installing & Commissioning of 225 KVA Generator at New Jeewa Industries – Kundasale.
8)Installing & Commissioning of 60 KVA Generator complete with Change over Panel and relevant cabling at R.U.G. Garments – Moratuwa.
9)Installing & commissioning (500 KVA) Generator, 2Nos. Change Over Panels, complete with relevant underground cabling at Vinyl Products Ltd. – Ja Ela.
10)Rewiring of single storied house at St. Mary’s Road – Colombo 04.
11)Electrical Rewiring inclusive of (75KVA) Main Switch Boards, Water Pump Control Panels, Distribution Boards, Lighting & Power Circuits Etc., at Sri Lanka Distilleries Ltd. – Wadduwa
12)Electrical Installation of Two storied house – Kirulapana.
13)Electrical Installation of Two storied house – Thalawathugoda.
14)Electrical Installation of Two storied house – Malambe.
15)Installing & Commissioning of 3.5MW Generating Plant at Fuji Cement Company – Trincomalee. Designing, Installing & Commissioning of Internal & External Lighting system for the Generator Plant at Tokyo Cement Company – Trincomalee.
16)Installing & Commissioning of 2Nos. 10MW Generating Plants at Ceylon Electricity Board – Pannipitiya
17)Designing and the Electrical Installation for 300 Machines with steel Trunking and 250 KVA main Switch Board at two standard Factories for ACTA Garments – Export Processing Zone – Koggala.
18)Designing and Electrical Installation of 20KVA at Greenway (Pvt) Ltd. – Korala Ima.
19)Designing & Electrical Installation of 100 KVA main Switch Board, Power & Lighting Systems and Telephone Wiring System at Philadelphia – Union Place - Colombo 02
20)Designing & Electrical Installation at a Socks Factory – Gem Cottage – Kalubowila.
21)Fabricating & supplying of 1600 Amps Main Switch Board complete with 400 KVAr automatic power factor correction capacitor bank, cable trunking, ladders, Distribution Boards and other Electrical Material to Fuji Cement Company – Trincomalee.
22)Electrical Installation of 18Nos. Staff Quarters at Sri Pada College – Hatton.
23)Designing & Electrical Installation of Warehouse Complex for Expo Lanka Freight Ltd. – Orugodawatta.
24)Electrical Installation of Rebagging and packing factory at Senok Trade Combine Company (Pvt) Ltd. – Hokandara.
25)Designing & Electrical Installation of a 200 machine Garment Factory at New Generation Apparels (Pvt) Ltd. – Matara.
26)Designing & Electrical Installation of a 500KVA Main Switch Boards and others – Gold Wood Xian Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. – Kosgama.
27)Designing & Electrical Installation of a 500KVA Main Switch Boards and others – Gold Wood Xian Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. – Kosgama.
28)Designing & Electrical Installation of a 50 Roomed Hotel – Himali Inn Holiday Resort – Bolgoda.
29)Electrical Installation of a 3 Storied House at Colombo 06.
30)Electrical Installation for 25Nos. Weaving Machines at Vanguard Industries Ltd. – Ja Ela.
31)Designing & Electrical Installation of a 430 machine Garment Factory at Spield International (Pvt) Ltd. – Matara.
32)Designing & Electrical Installation of a 800 machine Garment Factory at Master Apparel (Pvt) Ltd. – Ruwanwella.
33)Control Cabling and commissioning of a 24Ft. Oven Unit at Lanka Vinyl Ltd – Ja Ela.
34)Electrical Installation of a 2 Storied Building at Rajagiriya.
35)Designing & Electrical Installation of 175 KVA Main Switch Boards, Distribution Boards etc at Nalesha Paper Products – Nittambuwa.
36)Designing & Electrical Installation of a 300 Machine Garment Factory at
37)Dynamic Clothing (Pvt) Ltd. – Hamabantota
38)Electrical Installation of Main Armoured Cables and Internal Wiring at Delefrance Restaurant at Crescat Boulevard shopping complex – Colombo 03.
39)Electrical Installation of Power Panel and other power cabling for machinery of a printing press at Int. Trimming Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. - Rajagiriya.
40)Electrical Installation & Telephone System of a 3 storied house at Borella.
41)Electrical & Telephone Wiring at The office of Vallible Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. – World Trade Center – Colombo.
42)Designing & Electrical Installation of a 150 Machine Garment Factory at O.P.I. Garments (Pvt) Ltd. – Sooriyawewa.
43)Electrical Installation at a 2-storeyed bungalow at Mt. Lavinia.
44)Designing & Electrical Installation of Lighting & Power System of a Ware House for Samudra Cement Company – Colombo Port.
45)Modification of Lighting System to the cutting section of Lakstar Garments (Pvt) Ltd. – Attidiya.
46)Designing & Electrical Installation for a 7 Storied Building of Kalutota Properties Ltd. – Nawala.
47)Modification of Lighting System of the Production & Ironing Section at Lakstar Garments (Pvt) Ltd. – Attidiya.
48)Designing & Electrical Installation for a 7 Storied Building of Kalutota Properties Ltd. – Nawala.
49)Data Cabling of United Holidays (Pvt) Ltd. – World Trade Center Colombo
50)Designing & Electrical Installation of 2 Nos. 650 KVA Generators with synchronizing panels, 2Nos. 630KVA Transformers, 2500 Amp Changeover Panel and other Main Switch Boards, Sub Panels with Lighting and power circuits at Global Serve (Pvt) Ltd. – Badalgama.
51)Designing & Electrical Installation of Garment Factory with 80 Machines at Waruna Pearl Industries (Pvt) Ltd. – Meegoda.
52)Designing & Electrical Installation of 110KVA Main supply for a factory with machinery for printing of computer forms at Tiljay Computer Forms (Pvt) Ltd – Ratmalana.
53)Designing & Electrical Installation of a Packing Factory at Micro Packaging Industries (Pvt) Ltd. – Malambe.
54)Designing & Electrical Installation of a 200-machine Garment factory at Lucky Industries (Pvt) Ltd. – Mirijjawila.
55)Designing of a factory with 24 machines at vanguard Industries (Pvt) Ltd. – Colombo 14.
56)Designing of Electrical Distribution System, Fire Alarm System, Public Address System, and Lightning Protection with Main Power Intake 1600Amps at Samudra Cement Company Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. – Colombo 3.
57)Electrical & Telephone wiring inclusive of PABX system at J.E. Austin Associates Inc. at 15th Floor, World Trade Center, Colombo 01.
58)Supplying and Installing of PABX Telephone System comprising of 3 Incoming & 9 Extensions at Project Team (Pvt) Ltd. – Colombo 03.
59)Electrical Installation at Semi Luxury House at Battaramulla - Koswatte.
60)Design, Supply, Install Electrical, Data & Telephone wiring systems at Trident Corporation (Pvt) Ltd - Colombo 04.
61)Design, Supply and Install The Electrical Distribution & Lighting systems at Dunara Construction - Colombo 05.
62)Electrical Installation work at the 4 Storeyed Shopping Complex at Narahenpita inclusive of installation of Cable trays, Ladders, 1600Amp, 250Amp Power Panels and 2Nos. 400 KVA Generators
63)Electrical Installation at the Mansion of Mr. Ashroff's at Torrinton Avenue - Colombo 07.
64)Installation of Cable ladders, Trunking and Trays at the 8Storeyed Apartment Complex at Colombo 04.
65)Design, supply and install the Electrical Distribution work at a Two Storied Luxury House at Nedimala - Dehiwela.


1)   Super Luxury house for Neloni Wickramasinghe
2)   Super Luxury House for Dr. Upendra de Silva
3)   Super Luxury House for Mr. Derick Samarasinghe
4)   Super Luxury House for Mrs.Aruni de Castro
5)   Super Luxury House for Mr. Chamath de Alwis
6)   Super Luxury House for Mr. Dilha Jinadasa
7)   Super Luxury House for Mrs.Dilky Wickramanayake
8)   Super Luxury House for Mr. Ruwan Welikala
9)   3Super Luxury Houses for Apollo
10) Super Luxury House for Mr. Viran Perera
11) Super Luxury House for Mr. Sri Sagadevan
12) Car Sales Centre at Kelaniya
13) Super Luxury House for Mr. Roshan Motha
14) Super Luxury 2 houses at Battaramulla for Mr. Athula de Silva - (UK)
15) Super Luxury House at Mt. Lavinia for Mr. Samitha Munasinghe (Australia)
16) Super Luxury Show rooms for Airtel at Colombo 03, Basline Road Colombo 05, Kandy and Galle
17) Consultation work for the Lighning Protection System At a Luxury House - Matale
18) 3 Storied Orphanage at Moratuwa
19) 3 Storied Orphanage at Mt. Lavinia
20) Refurbishment of the Office complex with 240 Computers at Unilever - Colombo 13
21) 6 Storied 8Apartment Complex - Colombo 05
Super Luxury house for Ranjith Kathriarachchi
Super Luxury house for Ranjith de Alwis
Super Luxury house for Visal Wickramasinghe
25) Airtel Showrooms at Colombo 03, Baseline Road Colombo 05, Galle and Kandy
26) New Lighting design and installation for the office of Unilever Sri Lanka Ltd. - Colombo 14
27) 6 Storied Physics, Chemistry and Computer Laboratary Building for Gateway College Rajagiriya.
28) 750KVA Generator and the construction of room for Gateway College - Rajagiriya
29) Lighting and power designing and installation of the Banquet Hall at Opulent River Side Hotel -  
30) Designing and Installation of Lighting, Power, Telephone, Video Door Phone, CCTV, Power Panels and
      Generators at 5Storied 8Apartment Complex - Colombo 05
Designing and Installation of Lighting, Power, Telephone, Video Door Phone, Emergency Power, Power
      Panels and Generators at 7500Sq.Ft. Super Luxury House at Subuthipura - Battaramulla