Tuesday, 10. February 2015 - 05:16 Uhr

Building Fires have increased in recent past

Most of the Building Fires have increased due to Electrical Installation Faults.

The reason is Unprofessionals in Electrical Engineering undertake Electrical installations with out planning, electrical drawings, proper designing with safety standards.

It has become a practice that Builders, Architects, Interior Designers, Civil Contractors get hold of an Ordinary Linesman, Plumber, Carpenter, Mason, so called Multi Task Technicians who pretend that they know every field, but who are not specialsed in any field and having only hands on experience.

They are not knowledgable in selecting correct Circuit Breakers and Cable sizes at the correct distribution point and relevant calculations etc. These techinicians are only with hands on experience and they should be always guided and supervised by Experienced Electrical Engineers with a proper deign and drawings


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